Why in bed?!

Well, because I am comfortable! Growing up, my mom’s bed was my go-to place whenever I was sick or wanted somewhere to color and sketch that was not the kitchen table or the living room floor. Oftentimes, my family (ma, step-dad, two brothers and myself) would pile into my parents’ bed and watch Blockbuster movies and eat snacks. This happened well into my teenage years, and my brothers are four and six years older than me.

As I have gotten older and experienced wonderful milestones and hit some life-changing lows, my bedroom became my escape and my bed was the safe place. If I am being honest, sometimes lounging in bed was a little too safe. There have been times when I allowed this space to be the bad habit I needed to break free from. If I was not at work or at the gym, you could count on me to be in my room — in my bed.

So, for all the memories made in this haven of mine, eating in bed never gets old. Snacking while binge watching Netflix, eating carryout while viewing a good on-demand movie, or simply having dessert while reading a good book, I am sure we all can relate to picnicking on the mattress. I even cook (not a talent but I do try) and make attempts at fancy plating. All that leads to trying not to drop the fork on the stairs, as I am a master at spilling things, so I can devour my feat in my comfy sheets!

Anywhoo, I am taking my love of pastries (my first word was “cookie” and if ask my mom, she’ll be glad to tell you the story), my interest in tasty foods and throwing in my obsession for fashion, and sharing it on this blog. The plan is to eat and shop about Baltimore (but really Bawlmer because you and I both know that's the correct pronunciation) and beyond when I travel, and report my yummy findings and deals back to you so you can enjoy them too…preferably in your bed.