Vegan for a Night, Around the way at Zia’s

Last Wednesday my good friend invited me to Zia’s in Towson for a Raw Food Rave! What is a Raw Food Rave? Its a shindig with raw vegan food and music! I am mostly open to try new food so I was excited to to go (“mostly” because I have to draw the line at things like cow tongue and bull testicles my palate is just not made for that)! I didn't expect just how tasty all the food was going to be or how curious I now am about veganism.

I knew it was going to be a fun night when we walked in and they offered us glow bracelets! Once upon a time I used to dance to EDM at “The Get Down” in Fells Point. So in my nostalgic mood I was ready to eat and party.  My most favorite dish of the night was Tiramisu! Seriously, if you are correcting me in your thoughts with a snappy comment about Tiramisu being dessert, may I point out sweets are my favorite, sweets are indeed food and if you've been reading my blog or peeking at Instagram its kind of blatantly my thing.  Zia’s delightful version is made with cashews, almonds, raw cacao, and cold pressed espresso! I really enjoyed the “Mock” Tuna Salad!  All jokes aside I must have read the packaging five times, trying to figure out why I couldn't taste the difference between this dish and actual tuna. Magic. It must be trickery.

A fellow raver shared with me that she does not believe veganism will stick as a diet choice unless the person has a moral reason to reinforce the decision (for example: Persons who have a deep rooted love for animals, or strong environmental beliefs).  Doing it for health reasons, or to look good naked just doesn't work.  Basically, a strong conviction necessary for this lifestyle. I did a few google searches (plenty of researchers and vegan eaters agree with her). If you are curious about making this lifestyle change there is so much information available to not only help make a smooth transition but support you so that the journey is successful. Luckily for us Baltimoreans, Zia’s has started a community of Wellness Mentors (health coaches, fitness instructors, colon therapists) that can help you reach your goals. They are there to help even if veganism is not your goal!

Located in Towson on Allegheny Avenue Zia’s is right next to my favorite cupcake spot LaCakerie (which also has vegan sweets). Its one of the few places outside of baltimore city that has fresh cold pressed juice. There sister-store “The Plant Bar” in the lovely cafeteria style Belvedere Square is another convenient location. Their menu offers good eats for every kind of diet. If you are a meat-eater they have locally and responsibly sourced options for you too! In addition to their in-store menu they offer catering, juice and raw food plans as well as juice cleanses. Right now you can take advantage of their “here’s to 2017” deal and save up to $20 on juice cleanses.

As for me, I don’t know if I am ready for a vegan lifestyle butwith Zias around Meatless Monday will be much tastier!


Chatara Royster